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Coco Riverside Lodge is a family company run by a socially minded CEO, Mr. Hugh Le. He began Coco Riverside Lodge use his skills to give something back to the community where he was brought up. Hugh knew that if he could give local people opportunities they would grab them with both hands. Hugh has been giving the local community something to grasp since 2013.

Mr Le was born and brought up in Trung Nghia, Vung Liem, living in a thatched house on dirt floor and after completing primary school decided to set off for the bright lights of Vinh Long town and Saigon city. After 18 years of hard work on the cutthroat Saigon tourist scene Hugh realized it was time to return home and start his dream business, not only for himself but also as social enterprise that helps the people from his ancestral home. It was the best way to use the skills he gained working in metropolitan Saigon to give back to the people who had raised and educated him.

A key part of the business model is that a share of Coco Lodges' profits are folded into various ongoing projects which benefit the local community. These are focus on the improvement of the community and also the education of local children. Below you will find a few examples of how Hugh has decided to help his local area.

Coco Lodge likes to see its money spent on a range of projects however one of the key areas of investment is to provide food for local family who are down on their luck. Simple foods such as rice noodles and canned goods are often provided to local families. With these staples and foods gathered from the local environment many people have been saves from hunger and malnutrition.

Furthermore Coco Riverside Lodge loves to sponsor education - its the best thing to give as wherever you go you will always have it. Part of this support comes in the form of providing scholarships to local students, though education is not expensive in Vietnam many poor families, especially those with several children find it hard to pay the monthly fees.

The quality of local schools have also been improved by gathering funds from both Coco Riverside Lodge and from donors in Saigon. Last year they raised 600 dollars to buy tables, chairs and shelves to help teachers and students have improved opportunities for study.  Coco Riverside Lodge has also helped to improve local infrastructure by improving paths around the local villages, not only does this help the local villagers to get around but it also has a benefit to visitors who can enjoy the local scenery by bicycle.

Coco Riverside helps to be a guardian of traditional Vietnamese traditions and also strives for social and sustainable development, enhancing the local community wile mainlining the unique local culture. As guests this allows you to interact in a community that welcomes all.

By visiting Coco you can be sure knowing that a share of the money you pay is given back to the local community which as part of the tours you are welcome to enjoy.

Thank you for your passing through this page and hope to serve you and your family at the Lodge.



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