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Hieu Le (Hugh Le) has been working for tourism for almost 23 years of experience in different positions in this hospitality industry. Coco Riverside  Lodge, this is the place where he was born and lived until he was 11 years old; then he was arranged to move to Vinh Long town with family and next is to settle in Saigon from 1996. Being back after 30 years away from the homeland, as a dream for years, he decided to build the Lodge at the piece of coconut land by the peaceful river for those who seek for the untouched area, his passion is to share his own countryside culture to people around the country and the world. Helping his family, relatives, and neighbors to have a better job than a traditional farmer. He also wants them to know more about beautiful lives out of this village by sharing with the guests

Khang, his wife, was a banker for 17 years and now she is staying home to take care of children and help the husband to manage the Lodge and do the accounting tasks for our business.

They have 2 children (boy & girl) and all of them are living in Ho Chi Minh City


UNCLE 6  “Mr. CAP”

Everyone calls him “Uncle 6 or Chú Sáu”. He is the youngest uncle of the Lodge’s Owner - Hieu Le

Uncle 6 had a good job in Vinh Long town a very long time ago, as the youngest Son in a family, he had to return to stay with his parents as a tradition. When his parents died, he inherited all the lands of his parents and his duty to worship ancestors and take care of the family land. For so, of course, he is keeping an eyes on the land where Coco Riverside Lodge built.

His job at this business is bringing guests’ luggage to check-in/check-out. During tours, he is not only a local guide of cycling but also a captain for a boat trip. in the evening, he sleeps nearby your bungalow for assistance if any.

He said that he loves his job very much as guests always share with him their experiences while traveling around the world before coming to this site. Another reason is that everyone is so honest and friendly to him as always.

His daily life is cutting grass for cows, farming, and gardening tasks from early morning to late evening. That’s why you will see him around in gardening clothes after the tour with you.



Hiếu, a cousin of the Owner, and his wife called Út. They have been working for the Lodge for 7 years. They are both working from indoor to outdoor tasks as house-keeping, cooking, rowing boat, gardening or any other request the owner needs them to do. They do it well !

Hiếu loves gardening than any others, he takes care of all grass and plants around the Lodge’s area. Furthermore, if any guests/ friends want to have quick food and drink alcohol “rice wine”, he makes it after a minute for sure.

Út loves cooking and she is the Chef. Beside doing the main job of house-keeping, she can do gardening and cooking for the daily meals in both Vietnamese group and Westerner group if it’s booked (but she can not cook Western menu)



Thông is a cousin of Hiếu (Út) and they are living close to each other about a 5-minute ride from the Lodge. His wife called Nhân who working for the Lodge for 7 years same as the above couple

Thông is good at electric power and water systems, so he helps to check and fix since needed at any time of the day. Same as others, Thông and Nhân are house-keepers and cooking for daily meals. Besides, He rides the motorboat when we have a big group need two boats with two captains (Thông & Uncle 6)

Furthermore, Thông is always checking all bicycles and make them ready for a tour while Nhân, his wife, is an excellent Chef and got great reviews

They are honest, friendly, and always available for assistance during your stay



Khuyên (Queen) calls the Owner by "Uncle 4" as of relative relationship. She has worked since the business opened 7 years ago, she is living nearby and warmly welcome guests to visit home. She can cook Vietnamese food very well, she cleans the rooms and have them well checked before the group arrive

She loves gardening and watering the plants and grass. She checks rooms and services before check-in and out. She can be a good boat rower for your tour to the canal. She is the person who contacts the driver/guide and leads the group to come into the Lodge for check-in

Chiến (Chen) is Queen's husband. He does gardening, takes care of the garden include washing the coconut trees around bungalows and its area regularly. 



Ba Chinh & Bé Năm is a friendly couple living next door to Coco Riverside Lodge. Their job is the same as other couples that make the roon/area clean and tiny. They help the team to cook and set up the meals very day 

They are always available for our needs at any time of the day. Kindly let them know if you need them to do something while staying here with us


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