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There are many activities included in your package tour: Bike riding, boat rowing, traditional crafts, mingling with locals and their children and exploring on two wheels all wait you when you join us at Coco Riverside Lodge, to find out more about how this can help you unwind on our charming country tours please take a moment to look at our activities page.

Throughout this day, tourists can enjoy cycling on the quiet country road, weaving leaves for house roofs, making poprice, visiting local schools, visiting temples, chatting with locals and doing many actual local activities which are recognized as the peculiar regional culture.


We start riding bicycles in the early morning before the sunrise or later in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

During one and a half hour ride, we pass by duck farm, fruit garden, rice paddy and sedge field. We have an opportunity to meet locals and talk with them and learn to do what they are doing on their fields or their works.

We have two cycling routes takes minimum 1,5 hour ride and more than 2 hour ride for your choice.

Rowing a boat in the morning or later in the afternoon will be perfect time to have good pictures for your memory. Khuyen, our friendly staff,  prepares conical hat, life jactket, rain coat (during rainy season) and ready to bring you to the corners of this idylic village. You can see no other boats around you except neighbour dogs barking when you pass by and ducks swimming.

It takes us around 30 minutes rowing from big river to small canal before getting off to local home for next activity; Then, we together walk in the middle of nowhere back to the Lodge.



Sedge is a kind of grasslike plant growing in the wet places having solid stems. Sedge is used for some purposes as mattress, hand bags, floor mats, shoes, ect., especially to make sleeping mats. Most of locals sleep on this kind of mat for the whole life. You will hear the stories of sleep mat by locals and your guides

During your cycling tour, in the middle of  bike way, we stop at this Sedge field where people working, walk down and learn how to harvest it. It's fun to do it and talk with farmers.



Fishing is a kind of relax activity that everyone likes to do it and the kids, too.

We use a bamboo fishing rods as local normally does and fish a pond or a river. We have 3 fish ponds where raised elephant ear fish, cat fish and basa fish. We have raised more than 150 fish in the pond for your entertaintment  and cooked when you got them.



Nipa palm leave is called water coconut leave by locals. We sellect a good one among of them to cut it down one branch and gather all the leaves. We use the plastic cord to weave them a set like the picture. Then, it is used to make a houese's roof. It lasts for 4 years and we change another roof insteads. Traditionally, locals have built houses with leaves like this to keep cool during the hot season and spend low expense for it.

Everyone comes here will try to cut the leave and learn how to weave it. Kids love to do it, too.  You have an opportunity to try its fruits also. Let's do it after you book the tour with us.



Cooking class is organised before your dinner. By this way, you would be learnt how to cook Vietnamese food with the simple way. After this class you can prepare Asian meals for family when return home

Here, you learn to make fish sauce, cut vegetables for soups and especially making Vietnamese pancake (South style). After you have it done by yourself, you eat it of the one you made when it is still hot enough.



In the past, local people used the dried coconut leaves to make a torch for walking around at night time instead of flash-light or electricity light at this morden time. This is a moment that everyone remembers his/her childhood since they were in the romote region like this area.

After dinner, you have a chance to make a torch by yourself and hold it fired when walking. You together with locals walk around the area before reach the house of war veteran for chatting and traditional music performance.



Traditional music performance is the highlight of the trip is organized when it is getting dark. In the hazy light of poon sticks, the tourists will find cozier to listen to the glorious or romantic songs and melodies in the combination with the nice sound from the guitar made by the veteran guitarist and other singers.

This activity organized after dinner. Walk to neighbour, meet and chat with war veteran (Mr. 2 Luong) about the area which was bombed and chemcal spray during American war. He is going to tell you stories and you can ask free questions to him.



Poprice made by Cong family. He shows you the traditional way to make pop rice or corn while his wife completes the product of which we bring it to school for kids later or next morning.

Here, you can see how Cong family make for living. He raises cows, pigs, ducks and chickens. With the waste of mentioned animals, they are uses to make biogas for free cooking instead of cooking gas from market.



In the village, there is only one primary school where most of children living here come to study. All kids always give foreigners a warm welcome since they come to pay a visit and try to speak english and receive the poprice.

You can teach them your language in the class and learn Vietnamese from kids or teachers vice versa. At the end of your visit, they are ready to take group photo with you. School starts from 07:00am - 10:30am and 13:00pm-14:30pm.
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